peter dWe are grateful for your interest in our website and the work our team is doing. I believe you are not indifferent  person when it comes to struggles of those who suffered the impact of war, including hunger, homelessness, and  being forced to abandon home in search for safety. I know that you are not indifferent to lives of many children lacking parental love, care, and support. A heart of any Godly person aches seeing elderly and  handicapped people starve, without basic means to survive or the roof over their heads.

I am convinced that you are motivated not by idle curiosity, but rather by desire to help a person in need, and therefore, to bring a ray of light into someone’s life. Together Ministry is created to unite people like you, who seek to change the world by sharing HOPE, CARE, and LOVE with those who lack it the most. By joining us in our mission, you have an opportunity to share a little warmth of your heart and touch a hurting individual with a kind and caring love of God. 

Together We Can Make a Difference!

Peter Dudnik  Leader of volunteer movement in eastern Ukraine