Dudnik 1Peter Dudnik / Founder

Peter Dudnik is one of the founders of the Association of Churches “Ukraine’s Church of God” (UCG). In 2000, he was ordained to the pastoral ministry in the church “Good News” in Slavyansk, and he became one of the four pastors of the church. In 2001, Pastor Peter became one of the founders of the charitable foundation “Sails of Hope.” In 2008, he graduated from the Slavyansk State Pedagogical University with a Master’s degree in “Early childhood education and practical psychology.”

Peter Dudnik is married and has eight children. His wife, Tamara Dudnik, has been a faithful and devoted follower of her husband in his service to God from the day of their marriage. Peter and Tamara have been blessed with two children of their own – daughter Joanna and son Thomas. In 2003, Pastor Peter and his wife Tamara received God’s revelation on the adoption of abandoned children into the Christian families. From that moment, they began to actively preach and spread the idea of adoption of abandoned children. They have become an example for others and brought into their home six children: Sergei, Anastasia, Pavel, Rimma, Dmitry, and Ramina.

Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of children have found a new family and therefore – a happy childhood.

Pastor Peter’s life credo is: “I will learn and prepare, and some day my chance will come.” – Abraham Lincoln


DemidovichSergey Demidovich / Co-Founder

Sergey is a musician and a songwriter. From year 1986 to 2008, he wrote over 200 Christian songs, which became world famous among Russian-speaking evangelical believers. He released 18 albums and 10 music videos. Some of the songs have been translated to other languages. You can find his works at: http://demidovich.com/musics/.

After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Germany, Sergey continued his ministry in leadership of evangelic Association of Churches “Ukraine’s Church of God.” Besides that, he took active part in social activities, such as an establishment of the orphanage “Sails of Hope” and development of the national adoption doctrine, finding homes for thousands of orphans from Ukraine and Russia. He himself showed an example of a true adoption activist by bringing into his home abandoned children. Sergey and his wife Anna have 5 children, three of whom were adopted.

In 2001, Sergey launched a television project to promote adoption among public. His project resulted in great success and even influenced the adoption of Ukrainian legislative framework facilitating the process of adoption.

In 2006, Sergey became an official representative of the Russian-speaking broadcast television network TBN. He opened a production studio TBN Ukraine that became the leading producer of TV programs for the entire network RBN (Russian Broadcasting Network).


FedorukAlex Fedoruk / Lyudmila Fedoruk                          President / Vice President

Alex and Lyudmila Fedoruk got married very young in 1998. In 2003, they emigrated with their two sons Mark and Roman from Ukraine to the United States.

In 2010, their lives changed drastically after meeting Peter Doudnik and Sergey Demidovich. God planted a desire in their hearts to serve orphans and adoptive families, spreading the revelation of adoption. That was the beginning of the Together Ministry organization in Atlanta, GA. Five years later, their hearts are still passionate to serve God and people, carrying the gospel in their deeds, being in touch with the pain of others, and becoming the answer for their pain. They envision God’s light being reflected through them upon all who crosses their path for many more people can gain a new life in Jesus.

“When you serve people, you please God and illustrate the image of Christ to those around you.”  – Elizabeth George


Vasily Lantukh / Chairman of the Boardtimthumb.php

Rev. Vasily Lantukh is a successful leader, mentor, and motivator.  He is a Senior Pastor at the New Life Church (Atlanta Area, GA) and a founder/administrator of the Christian School in Suwanee, GA. He holds master’s degree in Agriscience and has a track record of successful leadership as a minister, entrepreneur, international businessman, and a family man. When he is not at school or church, he enjoys gardening with his wife, Marya, and tackling a growing list of home improvement challenges.

As a ministry leader, he lead the New Life Church from an initial gathering of 50 people in 1989 to 700+ members today. New Life Church has been marvelously blessed by God. Through it all, the vision of impacting community and bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ has remained his deep and abiding commitment, and it will always be so.