At the end of the 90-s, following the collapse of Soviet ideology and economy, thousands of children were left homeless on the streets of Ukraine, and hundreds of newborns were abandoned in the hospitals. A proactive group of people from Church Good News in the city of Slavyansk (eastern Ukraine) has accepted the challenge of that time and organized the so-called “soup” projects, saving homeless children from starving to death. Pastor Peter Dudnik led the project, which soon grew into a full-scale orphanage “Sails of Hope.” To finance the project, Pastor Sergey Demidovich, with a help of his friend from Sacramento Aleks Lysenko, registered Together Ministry organization. Dozens of partners supported the orphan’s ministry in Ukraine on a monthly basis.

In 2003, Peter Dudnik receives revelation about adoption, later picked up by Sergey Demidovich. After adopting a child each, both Peter and Sergey have established a new adoption doctrine, which then resulted in the national movement “Ukraine Without Orphans,” and later emerged on international level, promoting a culture of adoption. Since then, Igor and Marina Yudin in Portland and Peter and Galina Darmogray in Sacramento helped lead the ministry in the United States.

In 2010, Alex and Lyudmila Fedoruk re-registered Together Ministry in Atlanta, GA. They sincerely joined the mission to carry on the revelation of adoption, serving orphans and adoptive families in need. As the war broke down in eastern Ukraine in 2014, many families lost their providers, loved ones, homes, and even basic means to survive. In response to the crisis, Together Ministry joined the movement of humanitarian help to support victims of undeclared war. Since then, the ministry has expanded into providing physical, emotional, and spiritual well being where it is needed the most, whether it is finding home for orphans, supporting adoptive families, or serving refugees. Today, Together Ministry has grown into a team of dedicated volunteers, who are ready to bring positive change into people’s lives on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Together Ministry is a non-profit organization operating in eastern Ukraine with the main office in Atlanta, GA and supporting operations in Sacramento, CA. You are invited to become actively involved in the ministry by either providing financial support or volunteering or even becoming a part of the organization, as we are seeking to grow and expand our team, fulfilling the purpose of Christians on Earth.