War in eastern Ukraine is the most unexpected event in the history of such a peaceful European country. It broke in carrying pain and destruction, affecting millions of people living in the war zone. Many families from the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine have lost their homes to military shells. Most of the houses in the frontline cities are either fully destroyed or significantly damaged, making them practically unlivable, particularly in the cold Ukrainian winter. If lucky, the owners recover valuables from the ruins and look for a shelter to survive the winter.

Together Ministry and the team of volunteers have initiated the project of rebuilding homes damaged or destroyed by the acts of war. Since the beginning of the military activities in eastern Ukraine, our volunteers, trained with Canadian and Finnish construction methodologies, restored over 150 houses in the city of Slavyansk and surrounding areas. Slavyansk orphanage “Sails of Hope,” which was hit by a shell, has also been restored and fully renovated. It is now a home to many refugees from the frontline cities in eastern Ukraine.

It is a blessing to see when a family that just lost its home returns to a new, even better home. Together Ministry strives to restore as many lives of people who suffered during the military actions in eastern Ukraine. In order to continue giving people a new start in a new home, we are raising funds to purchase building materials and provide for other costs associated with construction projects.

You have a chance to make a difference in lives of many refugees and residents of eastern Ukraine that suffered a destructive impact of war. By donating money at REBUILD HOMES, another struggling family that lost its home to a war will get a chance to start new with hope for the better future.

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