Undeclared war in Eastern Ukraine has forced many residents to leave their homes in search for peace and safety for their families. Many of them were left homeless, jobless, and without means to survive, as their home towns became a battleground for military activities. Together Ministry in cooperation with volunteers from different regions of Ukraine has taken action in helping evacuate people from frontline cities, building shelters for refugees outside of the war zone, as well as providing for their living needs, including food, clothing, bedding, hygiene products, baby products, and medical supplies.

Since June 2014, Together Ministry has given away at least 4,000 humanitarian sets (ex. food, medications, hygiene items, baby products) per month. In the first couple months of the humanitarian crisis, our volunteers have evacuated over 3,000 people from frontline cities. This number continues to grow as the situation in Eastern Ukraine escalates. Over 600 people have been placed, fed, and supported at Together Ministry refugee camps and shelters in Slavyansk, Svyatogorsk, and Schurovo towns. Nearly a half of the refugees are children that have experienced the terror of war. Our main goal is to bring them back to a peaceful living with hope for the future.

As the situation in Eastern Ukraine continues to escalate, the refugees from the war zone need our support in providing temporary shelter and living conditions. Our volunteers have been selflessly serving all refugees who were forced to leave their homes to survive. We continue to raise funds for humanitarian aid to support refugees from the war zone. You have a chance to make a difference in lives of many suffering people from Eastern Ukraine by donating finances for this project at SUPPORT REFUGEES.


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